Rebecca (justa_paperbag) wrote,

What up?

It's been a while. There's really not much to write about that I don't cover in Twitter/Facebook.

But, here goes:

I'm loving the apartment. Andrew's a good roommate. A couple weeks ago(?) I came home from work to a sexy photo shoot happening in my living room. Not a bad thing to come home to after a crappy day of work, right? :)

We still haven't gotten our $250 gift card for Best Buy from Cox, yet. I guess I'll wait 'til February to call, because the guy said after three months of service. We got it in November. Though, he did say we should get the form early to fill out and send in, or whatever.

I've been working and staying home and watching TV/Movies. Nothing too exciting. A few weeks ago a bunch of people from work went out to All Stars and we had some fun. I'm looking forward to Saturday (a bunch of people from all over are going to All Stars). Can't wait to play some more pool.

I went with Amanda to see Addicted last week. Played some pool with Vinny and some other people. Apparently if I learn a song on guitar, I can get up and play it with the band one of these days. :)

I'm getting $2000 back this year from taxes. Wicked awesome. Using it all toward my car loan, which will then make it only $400 or so I need to pay back, so I'll be all done with it in a couple months!!! Which then means I'll have $230 a month to use toward paying off my other debts!! First off will be my Citi card. I need to pay that off and get it out of my sight. Then Sears card.

Close to paying off the ambulance and MCC. Still got ~$2000 for hospital bills and ~$3000 for school loans.

I finally got everyone else off my phone plan, so now it's back to just me. No more worrying about getting money on time. I like.

Blockbuster brought back the tuition reimbursement program! And changed it, so it doesn't matter what your major is, they'll still reimburse you! So, I plan on going back to school soon! I can't wait. I'm gonna have to research and see how much it'll cost for one or two classes, and if I can have a payment plan and such. Maybe I'll go back for the Fall?

I went to visit Chris last week with my mom. It was good to see him. I can't wait 'til he's out. We used to hang out all the time, and I miss that. I hate what he's done, but I don't think he deserves what he's getting. Everyone should have a second chance. :/

It's been a while since I crushed on a girl. I need to meet some, soon. :)

Ummmm. That's it for now. Time to shower and go do laundry! (I exclaimed a lot, this entry!)

Hopefully Adam'll come over and see the apartment today and we can hang out.

Over and out.
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