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Oh oh and you're Mary Tyler Moore.

So fucking anxious. Haven't had a good night's sleep in a while. It's been hard to fall asleep, with my fucking legs constantly moving and shaking. Fuckkkkk. I think it's the new pills? I'll have to talk to the Doctor about it. But, I don't see him for a few more weeks. Maybe I'll tell the therapist.

Yeah, I'm seeing a therapist, finally. Had first meeting last week. Hopefully it'll be good. Though it means more billssss.

It looks like I might be staying at the Manchester Blockbuster for good.

I like the store. It's big and neat, but also has room for improvement.

I really really need to get my own place. I feel like that will help me start having a life. But, in order to do that, I need to get out of this debt. Or at least some of it. If I didn't have to pay my car loan anymore, I'd have lots more money. Maybe if I got a roommate? I should seriously start looking into this...

I need to stop buying unnecessary things, too. Like movies and such. I don't need to have things as soon as they come out. I can wait 'til I have extra money. I need to instill that in my head.

I can't wait 'til I can sign up for full time insurance so I can finally, AFTER A YEAR WITHOUT ANY, have some fucking insurance.

I also can't wait for my income tax check. I'm hoping it's a lot to take a chunk out of some of the debt. By the time it gets here, I'll have paid off MCC, the ambulance and maybeee my Sears card. We'll see. I'll most likely use it toward my car loan. 'Cause once that's gone, I'll have extra money every month I can use toward the other stuff like my Citi card and ECHN.

It'd just be so much easier if I had a rich relative die, or if I won the lottery.

I think I'll start up school again next Fall. Probably only one class, since I have to pay for it without financial aid. Hopefully they'll have payment plan options.

I wanna go back to high school.
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