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It's been a long time, eh?

So... I haven't updated in a while.

A few weeks ago at work, I closed early because I was supposed to leave at six, but the closing manager called out, so I had to close the store (I'd been there since noon - we close at 11). The manager asked me if I could do it, as if I had a choice. I had called every store in our district to find coverage, but no one could do it. She said if I closed, they'd take one of my shifts later in the week away. I said I didn't want to because I had plans that night and just didn't want to do it, but said yeah, because there really wasn't any other choice, since no one else would come in...

So, around 7:30 or so, I asked my CSR if she thought we should close early. She said "definitely". So, I told the store manager, and she said no. I said if no one was there by 8, I'd close. She then said she spoke with the district manager and he said I could be fired for it. So, I closed the store at 8, ran the rest of the returns and left at 8:18 with the CSR.

I find out the next day that the CSR stayed there and waited for the store manager to come and close, who came TWO MINUTES AFTER I LEFT. And, so the district and store managers had a talk with me and decided to move me to another store as a SAM, still. So, for having the store closed for 20 minutes was grounds for me being transferred to another store in the district. The store manager didn't feel it was any concern of mine that she'd be there two minutes after I'd closed. She never thought to say "okay Kyle. I'll come around 8:30, so you don't need to close". No.

Complete bullshit.

Anyway... After that week, I took a week off. Then came back to work in Parkade. That was okay. Then I worked in East Hartford the beginning of this week, and today's my first day off since last Tuesday, because the SAM at Parkade has been calling out the past couple weeks.

So, I had a talk with Jeff (the district manager) yesterday, and he said I'd be getting a demotion on Monday to a full time Shift Leader. He still doesn't know where he's going to put me. He said I can't work at Vernon because Heidi doesn't want me there. (Which is complete bullshit, because we had a talk about what happened and seemed to work everything out and she said she'd talk to Jeff to see if I could stay there. So, either Jeff doesn't want me there, or she doesn't. Either way, it's just fucked up.)

I've been at Vernon for over two and a half years. It's my fucking store. I've been a manager there for most of that time. When I was a CSR, I was doing Shift Leader stuff. When I was a Shift Leader, I was doing Sales Manager/Store Manager stuff. That's MY STORE. And, they're kicking me out because of twenty fucking minutes THAT COULD HAVE BEEN AVOIDED IF HEIDI TOLD ME SHE WAS GOING TO COME TO CLOSE THE STORE.

It angers me so much.

Yeah, I know I shouldn't have done it, but I was sick of covering for everyone and doing everyone's work and not getting any credit or appreciation. So, yeah.

Now I'm helping close East Hartford, and work at Parkade.

If I can't go back to Vernon, maybe I'll go to Parkade, as Angel is most likely going to leave soon. Though, I guess I might not be able to, because my aunt works there. Which, is more bullshit, because I've worked with her a bunch of times before, and don't treat her any differently than any other employee. But, whatever.

They're probably going to just fire me after I'm done helping East Hartford and Parkade.

I hate this company.

So, there's that.

Brian, from work, owes me a bunch of money that I'm probably never going to see. And, my iPod I gave him as payment for something I no longer want to go to, because I doubt it'll actually happen, as most plans with him always fall through and he ends up keeping my money.

Erin, who used to work there, still has some of my DVDs she borrowed before she quit, and whenever I ask her about them, she ignores me. So, that's cool.

(I need to remember that Jon is borrowing my Watchmen book. And Adam has some DVDs. Alex has some CDs. Dan has a book and CDs. Casey has Drop Dead Fred. And, I'm not sure if anyone else has anything. IF YOU DO, CAN YOU LET ME KNOW? THANKS.)

I only owe:

$00000.00 for EMS.
$00200.00 for the ambulance.
$00400.00 for MCC.
$00503.00 for Sears card.
$00800.00 for Perkins loan (still haven't had anything telling me to pay this...)
$02401.22 for Citi card.
$02551.45 for Stafford loan.
$02650.00 for ECHN.
$03836.34 for my car loan.
$13342.01 total owed.

Slowly getting there. I can't wait 'til I get my income tax check, to take care of one or some of those completely.

Not sure what else to say.

I started reading the Harry Potter books after seeing the latest film. On the fourth one now. 250 pages through, out of 734. Very long.

When I'm through with the series, I'm going to start on the Bourne series. Hopefully it's as good as the films. If not, I'll start something else.

The newest Dexter book is coming out soon. :) I have one reserved at Barnes & Noble.

I just bought Intelligent Qube from eBay, and played a little. Still as awesome as I remember.

I haven't been doing much lately, other than working, reading, watching TV/movies, going to the movies, and sleeping. That needs to change. But, there's not much time for anything with all of that going on. Haha.

Okay. I'm not sure what else to say, so that's it for now.

Ohhhhhh, next month = great TV. :)
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