Rebecca (justa_paperbag) wrote,

Sigh. Life is too complicated.

So, I need to get rid of all of my debt.

I just sent an e-mail to my insurance company, because apparently I don't have any insurance right now.

I owe thousands of dollars to Manchester Memorial Hospital for my stay.
I owe $460 for the ambulance.
And I still owe about $500-600 from 2007.

I have shitty insurance, and need to change it. (And, I need to stop hurting myself.)

I have five credit cards. Ugh. I need to pay off and cancel all of them.

My phone bill is $430. I have three other people on it. It's really frustrating and nerve-wracking. I wish I never added anyone. I need them to switch to their own plans as soon as possible. I can't handle this anymore.

Ah. I just sent them all a text saying they need to switch to their own accounts. Hopefully they'll do it.

Because of my hospital stay, I'm a little behind on some things. Like I missed my last car insurance payment, but my grandmother took care of it. And, I want to pay her back.

I need to get my pay raise from work, NOW. With retroactive pay. It'd help a lot. (of course, it's not enough, but it's still better than what I'm making now.)

I need to stop letting people borrow money. Especially when I don't have it.

I just can't wait 'til I get my refund from school (OH, AFTER THIS SEMESTER, I GET NO MORE FINANCIAL AID) and tax refund. That'll help get rid of some of this shit. I plan on paying off one or two credit cards and probably just paying on the others.

Um. Yeah. I hate money. That's it.
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